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Landscapes and Waterscapes

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For My Friends, and...I?

dA Family

Husband : alienex1234

Brother (s) : Blackwind06 , BudokaiHyuga , sonicbom10

Big brother (s) : Whisperer-of-Winds , Blu-the-Tiger , ChrisCLX

Lucario Brother (s) : ranze-the-lucario , elicario , DarkAuraWielder

Lucario Guardian Sister : Dark-ShadowLP
Older Sister (s) : AmilinaxRosery

Sister (s) : ccaermz , KumoriShadou , meganlynn394

Little Sister (s) : girlofhearts101 , poezycat , Raybuggybug , toadettegal-tk

Silent Sister (s) : GinaDragonGirl
Crazy Wolf Sister : SilverofDawn

Cartoonist Sister : PiemastersMasterX
Cousin (s) : DHK1989
Fluffy Loyal Owl Keeper (xD) : GenyxJ

The Annoying Kid (s) : Tr33Atm0s

Apprentice (s) : Charlenethehedgehog
Student (s) : rosebro00

Neighbor (s) : theNekk
Zoroark Pet : toamac
Jack-in-a-Box : xUmbraSongx



Kyrogk the Lion - Front and Back by SuperAbachiBrosMiiverse Sketch - Rayman vs Ridley by SuperAbachiBrosMario and Sonic: Princess Peach Boxing by SuperAbachiBros


Apr 23, 2014
5:49 pm
Apr 23, 2014
4:49 pm
Apr 23, 2014
2:35 pm
Apr 23, 2014
1:39 pm
Apr 23, 2014
1:28 pm



Rules :

NO porn requests. I do not accept any kind of porn.
Sorry but I only do boy and  girl couples.
NO swearing, nor have a character "flipping the bird", though I can bleep,or use symbols ; $#@&*%(* or put a *CENSORED* on it.
And lastly, I do not accept fetish requests.

Otherwise,anything is ok.
I do expect gorey stuff~
Pardon me for not being afraid of blood and still need practice on blood effects.
And respect that I have my right to not accept your commission, if I do not feel comfortable about it.

And because of some paying issues before...




A million apologizes if I don't reply.I'm either busy or asleep at night.




:iconmasteremeraldplz: Traditional and Digital Commissions :iconmasteremeraldplz:

( Traditional )

Sketch...........By Your Side_Sketch by Ila-Mae  = 5 points


Colored drawing of one character...........Corrie_Commission by Ila-Mae = 35 points

Colored drawing of more than one character...........Winter Fun_Gift by Ila-Mae Walk n' Talk_Commission by Ila-Mae = 55 points


( Digital )

Sketch...........Zero_Commission by Ila-Mae  =  10 points


Lineart of one character...........This Is The Beat_Commission by Ila-Mae = 20 points

Lineart of more than one character............*no image*  = 40 points


Flat colored drawing of one character...........*no image* = 30 points

Flat colored drawing of more than one character..........*no image* = 50 points


Shaded drawing of one character..........Majin Fiona_Commission by Ila-Mae Elicario_Commission by Ila-Mae = 55 points

Shaded drawing of more than one character.........*no image*  = 100 points.

Shaded drawing of one character with simple background......Cuties_Gift by Ila-Mae = 60 points






:iconbluechaosemeraldplz: Bust Choices & Prices :iconbluechaosemeraldplz:


:bulletred: PLEASE NOTE :bulletred:

These are bust commissions, so only one character per drawing. And, I do not expect any requests of female characters which are shirtless, unless they're like Sally Acorn.

Also, on icon commissions, I'm not doing couple or team icons.


Finished with background - Dark Mace by Ila-Mae - 40 points


Finished without background - Alanna_Bust Shot by Ila-Mae - 30 points


Flat color without background - Dark Mace_Process by Ila-Mae 20 points


:icongreenchaosemeraldplz: Icon Choices & Prices :icongreenchaosemeraldplz:



Facing forward - Ronja_Icon by Ila-Mae - 10 points


Sideways ( facing left) - Dr.Vortex_Icon by Ila-Mae - 5 points


Sideways ( facing right ) - Ila_Icon by Ila-Mae - 5 points


Added detail - Ila_Icon by Ila-Mae - 15 points


:iconredchaosemeraldplz: SPECIAL CHIBI COMMISSIONS :iconredchaosemeraldplz:


+_These are digital with simple shading_+


Nom Nom Chibi : your character or official character in chibi form munching on their favorite snack...........Nom Nom Chibi_Request by Ila-Mae Fruity Chibi_Ricky by Ila-Mae  Fruity Chibi_Ila by Ila-Mae =  35 points


Pokeball Chibi : your character or pokemon/pokesona hugging, kissing, sitting, or standing by a giant pokeball..............Pokeball Chibi_Zoroark by Ila-Mae  = 35


Sport Chibi : your character or official character in a certain sport wear with the equipment behind them like a soccer ball or football = 35  




:fella:  Mug and dA Item Commissions :fella:


I've sold a mug to Nazo Nazo Mug by NazoChronicles9000  I thought that it was so neat to have your character on a mug, I was wondering if anyone else would be interested in buying one for yourself , or for a friend, family member even.

All you do is just have me draw your requested picture with or without background , I could even do something like this -:- Sonia -:- by Zachary-Moonlight just give me the details or let me surprise you, also if you like to have a certain color for the main color of the mug feel free to let me know, and when it's posted, I'll have it available in the mug selection ( maybe in the puzzles, coasters, or magnets ) and buy it from there. I'm unsure how to manage prices, so dA has it all laid out.

In points or money its fine, whatever  you prefer.



dA Family - Wanna Join?

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 23, 2014, 10:02 PM

Yup, I've decided to start my own dA family since I'm part of so many already! xD

Just comment below of what part of my dA family you want to be :bulletred: expect mother, father, husband, wife, or grandparents :bulletred: and I'll add you~

But if you're being a smart @$$ I won't.



A million apologizes if I don't reply. I'm either busy or asleep.



dA  Family ( so far xD )  :

Husband :  alienex1234

 Brother (s) : Blackwind06 , BudokaiHyuga , sonicbom10

Big brother (s)  : Whisperer-of-Winds , Blu-the-Tiger , ChrisCLX
Annoying Little Brother(s) : narutoxz 

Lucario Brother (s) : ranze-the-lucario , elicario , DarkAuraWielder

 Lucario Guardian Sister : Dark-ShadowLP  
Older Sister (s) : AmilinaxRosery

Sister (s) : ccaermz , KumoriShadou , meganlynn394 , DollerInDisguise 

Little Sister (s) : girlofhearts101 , poezycat , Raybuggybug  , toadettegal-tk

Silent Sister (s) : GinaDragonGirl    
Crazy Wolf Sister : SilverofDawn

Cartoonist Sister : PiemastersMasterX
Cousin (s) : DHK1989
Fluffy Loyal Owl Keeper (xD)  :  GenyxJ  

The Annoying Kid (s) :  Tr33Atm0s

Apprentice (s) :  Charlenethehedgehog 
Student (s) :   rosebro00

Neighbor (s) : theNekk 
Zoroark Pet : toamac 
Jack-in-a-Box :  xUmbraSongx

Top Image Ila-Mae
Bottom Image & Diamond Ila-Mae
Journal Skin CSS Ila-Mae

Valentine's Day Meme

Wed Feb 12, 2014, 9:15 PM

1. Think you can handle the love questions on this quiz?



2. OK, for starters, are you in love with someone right now?



3. Have you ever been in love?



4. If your not in love, stop taking this quiz right now. If you are, with who?



5. Your current relationship status



6. How much or how little are you in love?

Mad, deeply, truly in love


7. Ever had a boy/girlfriend?



8. Ever plan on getting married?

Yes, I hope so


9. Last person you kissed?

No one


10. Last person you hugged?

My Dad


11. If you were locked in a room with someone you loved, what would you two do?

Um, talk I suppose.


12. Ever experienced love at first sight?

Only to a cartoon...


13. When do you think about your love the most often?

When I'm trying to go to sleep.


14. Honestly, does your love know youre in love with them?



15. If your love died or moved away, how would you react?

If he were to moved, I'd mainly worry about him getting to the new location and if we'll be able to stay in contact. And if he...I'd be broken...


16. Would you ever want to marry him/her?

I do :heart:


17. Ever thought of having kids with him/her?

:iconshyblushplz: Y-y-yes.


18. List all the people you've ever been crushing on.

Uhh, other than him, no one else...

19. List all the cartoons you've ever been crushing on.

^^; too much...ehheh...


20. List all the celebrities you've ever been crushing on.

Gerard Butler...( I'm sucker for the Phantom of the Opera )


21. Last person of the opposite sex (besides family) you thought about?



22. Most embarrassing moment in front of your current love.

When I called him by my brother's name by accident...


23. Are you a boy or a girl?



24. Are you in love with a boy or girl?



25. Most romantic moment you've experienced.

Too many to list~


26. Ever lost some one you loved? (besides family)



27. Ever had your heart broken?



28. Was this quiz too personal



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Ila Mae
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FREE FEATURE_Volume 1Title says it all, this is a FREE FEATURE. This isn't a tag, nor do you have to watch me, pay me or do anything for me. Just comment below or note me that you want to be featured and I'll feature 5 of your deviations of my choice. I think that's fair if you let me choose which 5 to feature^^
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12. :iconpiemastersmasterx:
I can be your guide by PiemastersMasterXThe Outcasts by PiemastersMasterXRocky and bubbles by PiemastersMasterXWhat you didn't see cover by PiemastersMasterXLuna and Haxylie by PiemastersMasterX
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Composure by Kate-FoXMy new syndrome by Kate-FoXPose study2 by Kate-FoXPose study by Kate-FoXWolf and Spice: Holo by Kate-FoX
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Weavile Color Me by WandererofMoonsGabby - Paint Tool Sai Attempt #2 by WandererofMoonsReverence by WandererofMoons:

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